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Crymych FC

Tafarn Crymych Arms is located at the centre of the village Crymych. Our aim as a football club is to buy and renovate the Tafarn Crymych Arms and run it as a pub and an active hub for all kinds of services and community activities.


  • To ensure the development of the football club – CPD Crymych allowing it to raise funds to buy Tafarn Crymych Arms for locals to use as a community hub.
  • To reopen Tafarn Crymych Arms as an important community asset at the heart of the community.
  • To provide a place for people of all ages to socialise.
  • To provide a comfortable and welcoming space for use by local organisations.
  • To hold sporting events, meetings, and social evenings.
  • To support local businesses and form partnerships with local companies and organisations.
  • To offer drinks and restaurant meals, using local produce.
  • To secure employment and training opportunities for local people, young and old, and support them to fulfil their potential both sportingly and socially.


  • We held a pledge promotion which generated 108 responses, and several evening sessions were also held to share information and answer queries about the initiative.
  • CPD Crymych Limited has registered as a Community Benefit Society.


  • Secure sufficient funding.
  • Purchase and renovate the building.

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