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Having been owned and run by Bill and Meima Evans for many years, the Tafarn Crymych Arms has been for sale for quite some time. The pub closed in October 2021. The asking price for the property, as noted in estate agents detail, was £275,000.

Concerned about the future of the pub, and the fact that it might never open again, a few of the football club members came together during the autumn of 2022 to see if a co-operative could be formed to register the football club as a mutual and that the football club then buys the pub, and run it as a community pub. The members of the football club in recent months have been exploring the possibilities of forming a co-op, drawing inspiration from other similar initiatives across Wales.

With support from PLANED and Cwmpas (the Wales Co-operative Centre), CPD Crymych Ltd new constitution and rules were approved and signed. The Cooperative UK body has endorsed the registration papers for the organisation to become a Community Benefit Society. These papers were submitted to The Financial Conducts Authority who will shortly issue a company registration number.

On 13th of December 2022, representatives from various local organisations and societies came together to share ideas and discuss the potential of the Tafarn Crymych Arms as a community-owned pub. The meeting which was open to the public was held at Crymych Market Hall.

This was followed-up with a pledge promotion which generated 108 responses, and a number of evening sessions were also held to share information and answer queries about the initiative. The feedback received during these engagement activities showed that there is considerable support for the initiative within the local community.

Following the positive response, CPD Crymych formed a sub-committee to move forward with focussing on the purchase of the pub. 

The Society wishes to close this share offer before the date at which payment will be due for completion of the purchase so that the greatest possible percentage of the cost of purchase can be paid for by the proceeds of the share offer, rather than having to depend on grants. Also, many of the grant offers available are based upon match funding scenarios and therefore the more we can raise through a share offer then the more we are likely to be able to raise via grant support.

Running the Crymych Arms pub as a community pub is a unique opportunity for the area to have a valuable focus to boost an already active and welcoming community.

If, together, we succeed, we can make a difference to more than just reopening the Crymych Arms pub. Running a successful venture can share the energy and spirit of co-creating the future throughout the community. It could boost our culture and way of life in this rural area, at a time when it is needed more than ever. We might even inspire others to take ownership of the future of their local assets.

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I love all reviews, they help me get in tune with the latest fashion trends and make me feel wonderful. Thanks Jane! Really enjoying your content!
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